Conservation, Preservation and Sustainability on the Glendon Campus of York University

As we move through the 21st century, the human transformation of the environment has become the greatest challenge to the future.  There are global issues – climate change, species extinction, population pressure, limited resources, massive waste, environmental refugees, resource conflicts and more – and there local issues where we can see the impacts of the big issues in our daily lives.  While the global issues demand their own, large scale responses, it is also possible to respond at the local level, to preserve, conserve and transform our immediate environments. This project explores environmental history and sustainability challenges on our campus.

The part of the website on "A Campus in a Garden with a Forest" shows how Glendon blends the natural and built environment. Our upper campus features an exceptionally valuable collection of mature, rare trees and an architecturally distinguished manor house.  In the lower campus, a forest footpath follows the west branch of the Don River into the City of Toronto parks system.  Our campus is a uniquely valuable natural and historic place in the environmental fabric of Canada's largest city.    

This website is also an overview of how conservation issues and environmental issues have become part of our local culture, and how Glendon College, York’s bilingual liberal arts faculty, is responding to the 21st century challenge of sustainability. The landscape of the upper campus, the preservation of a forest in the valley and the introduction of new environmental practices into Glendon's daily routines didn't just happen.  The integration of natural features into a university campus and new routines of sustainability are the results of the work of many people, some of them pictured here.

We invite you to join us in knowing our place, appreciating it, and reflecting on the challenge of a transition to a sustainable society.

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